Spend More Time Selling, & Less Time Showing

Reel-T is a personalized virtual open house experience right in the palm of your hand

Real-estate showings fundamentally remain a tactile experience due to geographic limitations. However, as digital recording tools have evolved, that problem demands improvement. Reel-T was designed to modernize the real estate industry by making it easier than ever for buyers and renters to fall in love with a property… without ever setting foot on it. 

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Download Reel-T and experience a personalized virtual open house right in the palm of your hand.

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Property Tours Are Changing

Fall in love with A property without ever stepping foot in it

Realtor Benefit
More Buyers In All Regions
Buyer / Renter Benefit
Tour Hot Properties Anywhere
Realtor Benefit
Seamless Buyer Interactivity
Buyer / Renter Benefit
Move Fast on Great Properties
Realtor Benefit
More Flexible Sales Process
Buyer / Renter Benefit
Refining Options Faster
The Realtor Solution

Accelerate The Decision-Making timeframe

viewing & Chatting channels

Realtors can share VIRTUAL TOURS via property videos (“REELS”) and seamlessly move from room to room using our synchronized viewing feature.

  • Create new or upload pre-recorded REELS from your device library directly in the App.
  • Customize each REEL by tagging them with property description labels, property documents or property website URLs, and other relevant content.
  • Transfer documents between you and your client via text messaging.
  • Share property REELS to individuals, other agents or selected groups.
  • Upload your contacts; organized as current and prospective clients and invite clients directly from your contact list.
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The Buyer / Renter Solution

Property Viewings Just got Easier

Tour in real time from afar

Buyers / Renters can interact with their realtor via text and LIVE picture-in-picture video chats within each REEL.

  • Receive REELS of properties selected just for you viewed on your PROPERTY REELS home page.
  • Share REELS with friends and family.
  • Mark REELS as favorites and book virtual tours directly from the REEL.